Humidity in shipping containers

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1. Relative humidity measures the amount of moisture in the air. It is expressed in a percentage of how much moisture the air could possibly hold. The wetter or damper the air is, the higher the relative humidity. The drier the air feels, the lower the relative humidity. Thus, 100% humidity is actually rain.

2. When stuffing a container in any climate, you also stuff the actual humidity contained in the air at the place of packing.

3. When closing the container, the humidity is contained in a very small space. As the container is moved from one climate to another, the humidity vaporizes up into the ceiling of the container, where it will start to rain down onto the cargo. Either the humidity will start to soak into the cargo or run along the surface of i e steel products. It can also turn into water that runs towards the bottom of the container. Nordic Container Desiccant actually “catches” the moisture before it vaporizes.

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4. As soon as the climate changes, the moisture will either vaporize again or really start making trouble among your different products being shipped, if you do not use a desiccant. The longer the transportation time – the more damage may possibly develop.

5. You may have seen your cargo being loaded in perfect condition. But have you ever opened a container full of molded furniture? Or rusty motor equipment? Or rice sacks full of mildew? Or fruit covered in fungus? The customers do not like it. They will blame you. They will lose money and time, they will lose their customers and they will make claims to you. Then you will lose money and time, and possibly even the client. Since there are many parties along the transportation chain, many may be blamed for damaged goods – like manufacturers, traders, shipping lines and forwarders. Why be among them?

Container ships at the Port of Oakland

Container ships at the Port of Oakland (Photo credit: mental.masala)

6. Other desiccants being used are i.e. silica gel. Silica gel is the most common type of desiccant in use today. It is a porous sand and can absorb moisture in the air, often up to 40 % of it´s weight. However, silica gel absorbs moisture best in small, confined spaces and often end up getting saturated in a very short time span, making it unsuitable for container shipments. When saturated, it will not help catching the moisture anymore. Be aware that some silica gel – the blue contains cobolt – is toxic, and can not be disposed of any which way.

7. The best insurance there is – using Nordic Power Desiccants. The effect is 40 – 60 % better than other products in the market.


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InterDry Power Desiccant : Pole Series

Pole Series
Absorption rate more than 200%

InterDry Container Desiccant

  • Available in sizes: 1000 gms
  • This is a hanging type desiccant mainly used with furniture shipment, metal shipment and electronic goods shipments.
  • Calcium Chloride based.
Nordic Power Desiccant

InterDry Power Desiccant

Advantages of calcium chloride based container desiccant:

  • Absorption rate of more than 200%
  • Easy to install and remove
  • No leaks
  • It doesn’t take up any loading space in the container
  • Low price
  • Less needed per container
  • No harm to people and the environment

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Have you ever taken a bottle of water out of the refrigerator and put it on the table?

Have you ever taken a bottle of water out of the refrigerator and put it on the table? Did you see what happened?
Condensation formed and made a puddle on the table. This happens to your cargo, with terrible consequences.

In fact, every year more than 150 million shipping containers are transported all over the world. They are at risk of damage from moisture and humidity, and 20% of these containers show moisture problems on arrival.
When cargo is transported between varying climates, condensation occurs which destroys your valuable cargo.

Does this affect you ? Then give us a call at 02-707 9884 and let us help you.


No more condensation.

By absorbing excess moisture in the air, it prevents the relative humidity from reaching dew point, thus preventing condensation. Nordic Power Desiccants are designed to absorb more than 200% its weight.

Our desiccants are packed in special Tyvek® and Spunbond packing that allows only one way absorption, thus ensuring the desiccants are completely leak proof and efficient. Nordic Power Desiccants are environmentally friendly.
With twice as much absorption than other desiccants you use fewer units, which means more savings for every container you ship.

We Protect:

Agriculture – Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Rice, Copra, Vegetables, Fruit, Tobacco, etc.
Wood Products – Paper, Furniture, Timber, etc.
Leather – Footwear, Garments, furniture, etc.
Metals – Sheets, Coils, Machinery, etc.
Electronics – Appliances, Cables, Toys, Computers, etc.
Textiles – Garments, Fabrics, etc.
Latex products – gloves etc.
Fewer units, less space, more savings

Less is more

Higher absorption means you can use fewer units than other desiccants, and with its compact design, Nordic saves you valuable loading space, all which translates into more savings for every container you use.



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