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Container Desiccant – Available Products

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InterDry Power Desiccant

  • Absorption rate of more than 200%
  • Easy to install and remove
  • No leaks
  • It doesn’t take up any loading space in the
  • Low price
  • Less needed per container
  • No harm to people and the environment

Activated Clay Desiccant

  • Superior Silica gel replacement. Its price is competitive, it absorbs more than silica and it fulfills REACH regulation requirements (DMF and Cobalt Chloride free).
  • Unlike silica gel, Ecopack is environment friendly, non toxic and can be disposed of as normal waste.
  • For those clients requesting a high quality desiccant with superior absorption rate, more expensive CaCl based desiccants are still the best choice.
Activated  Clay Container Desiccant 1kg, 500grm, 200grm

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