InterDry Thailand introduces: Ecopack Clay Desiccant

Ecopack Clay Desiccant

Ecopack Clay Desiccant


We are very excited to announce our new product: “Ecopack Clay Desiccant”. Ecopack consists of highly absorbent natural claymixed with CaCl2 (Calcium Chloride).

Ecopack is typically used for the protection of goods in containers over long distances and through various climate zones. Ecopack is ideal for goods shipped in jute bags, cardboard cartons, wooden cases or crates or unpacked goods.

Ecopack can absorb over 70% of its own weight and provide moisture protection for over 45 days.

It is very safe in use especially at saturation as the beads remain hard and maintain moisture. Ecopack does not leak.

Absorbtion Capacity of Ecopack

Ecopack vs. competition:

Ecopack activated clay desiccant is the perfect material to replace silica gel.

Its price is competitive, it absorbs more than silica and it fulfils REACH regulation requirements  (DMF and Cobalt Chloride free).
Unlike silica gel, Ecopack is environment friendly, non toxic and can be disposed of as normal waste.
For those clients requesting a high quality desiccant with superior absorption rate, slightly more expensive CaCl based desiccants are still the best choice.

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EU Regulation for Materials in Contact with Food


The following is from a relatively new EU Regulation on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.

It states that products:

A) Should comply with Good Manufacturing Practice

B) Should not:

  • Transfer their constituents to food that could endanger human health. 
  • Bring about an unacceptable change in the composition of food
  • Bring about deterioration in the organoleptic characteristics of food

The new Regulation defines some specific requirements for “active” and “intelligent” materials used in food contact products:

“Active” materials":

  • Refer to materials designed to release or absorb substances into or from packaged food to maintain or improve the condition of the packaged food
  • Shall not mislead consumers about the conditions of food by changing the composition or organoleptic characteristics of food.

“Intelligent” materials

  • Refer to materials designed to monitor the condition of the packaged food
  • Shall not provide consumers with misleading information about the conditions of food.

With thanks to SGS on and

How does this apply to Nordic Power Desiccant?

The function of Nordic Power Desiccant is to regulate the humidity of the air inside the shipping container. It does this by absorbing excess humidity (water) that is in the air.

If now we look back at the regulations above, we see that “Active" materials refer to materials designed to release or absorb substances into or from packaged food. this is not the function of Nordic Power Desiccant and therefore these regulations don’t apply to Nordic Power Desiccants.

Nordic Power Desiccants are therefore safe to use with the transportation of food items.